• Dramatic sky with dark rain clouds rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Buying an ultrawide monitor in 2021

    Anthony and I have been thinking about getting new monitors for our new WFH reality. While we have 2x 4K monitors (a 24” Dell and a 21” LG Ultrafine) in a shipping container on the way to Lisbon, we have both independently concluded that we wanted ultra wide 21:9 aspect ratio monitors. This has led into several weeks of research into what’s available out there and the rabbit-hole of specs and stats. Buying a computer monitor isn’t so straightforward anymore. There are many more brands out there (though most of them use the same panels from either Samsung or LG) and different product lines optimised for gaming, colour accuracy, or basic office work. Good luck in finding a monitor that can do more than one thing well!

    Then there’s the absolute mess of connectivity standards. That’s something we’re still trying to wrap our heads around. Apparently not all monitors can do all resolutions, refresh rates, colour bit rates on all their supported ports. It all depends on your computer (or GPU) and cable, be it HDMI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt, USB-C and various versions thereof.

    IMG 1550

    Last night I found this post on Startech’s blog (they sell cables, adapters and docks) on various display technologies, which is a few years old now but it still helps clear some of the confusion on the connectivity types, and more specific detail on Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode. USB-C has really muddied the waters as to what signal it’s actually carrying and what works and what doesn’t when you plug things in.

    We both use Macs but I’d also like to plug in the new monitor to my PC for a bit of occasional gaming, so we want to make sure the monitors (and cables) we buy will work properly.

  • Taken a bit of time but I’m getting the hang of this new machine and grinder, and getting pretty decent crema on my espresso shots now

  • Trying some (hopefully) fab Portuguese craft beer

  • Nice day out for a walk along Carcavelos Beach

  • Praia de Carcavelos (Cascais) was open this evening, with people surfing, and some walking on the beach

  • Yesterday a tree got uprooted from the rain and strong wind over the weekend which luckily fell on the nature reserve side and not on the road, but at some point last night or this morning someone (presumably the council) cleared it from blocking the bike path and chopped it up, but did not remove it. I’ve been watching in bemusement all day as people stop by to pick up the logs and branches, which I guess they are using as firewood? 6AC8E0DE-89D5-4E18-B027-BA8C980A3C08.jpg

  • Espresso machines

    Our cranberry-red Breville espresso machine served us well in San Francisco. Sadly, we had to sell it because it wouldn’t work with the 230V power in Portugal.

    I’ve had the Wacaco Nanopresso for a few years, and have taken it on a few trips away. It proved to be invaluable when we returned to Australia in October last year for the 2 weeks in quarantine and the following 2.5 months we spent travelling around NSW.

    Upon arrival in Portugal, I shopped around and found a new espresso machine. The one I eventually picked was the latest revision of the VBM (Vibiemme) Domobar Junior, but it had been out of stock everywhere. So in the meantime, we got our daily caffeine fix from the Delta Q pod coffee machine (like a Portuguese Nespresso) that came with our furnished rental apartment, and continued to use the Nanopresso when I ordered some locally roasted coffee beans. Until it finally broke.

    I checked the online retailer I have been keeping my eye on, and the timing couldn’t be more impeccable that the VBM was back in stock. Not the exact model I was looking to get, but a slightly more expensive one, but I had already decided that this would be a long-term investment.

    This is first time I’ve had an espresso machine with a E61 group head (the type you’d find on commercial espresso machines in cafés). There’s a bit of a learning curve to using it compared to the push-button Breville.

    And it’s SO shiny.

  • A cute castle in Estoril

  • Our @wacaco_ltd Nanopresso broke this morning 😭 This has been our constant companion for the past 4.5 months, including time in quarantine and various Airbnb’s in places where decent coffee has been difficult/impossible to find. 1EC4DE54-6D45-496A-AFAC-7EFEDF13B11B.jpg

  • Just tried ginjinha (Portuguese cherry liqueur) for the first time tonight and it tastes incredible.

  • This piece by Cory Doctorow on what’s been going on with r/wallstreetbets is worth a read.

    Once again if something is free, you’re not the customer you’re the product being sold.


  • The best web browser is the one you have with you

    The unreasonable effectiveness of simple HTML – Terence Eden’s Blog

  • Good tips on how to de-Google-ize and some alternatives to their services. I use Fastmail for email and have been pretty happy with them

    Kira McLean - What I Use Now Instead Of Google

  • Our cats Merry and Pippin are just off the coast of Iceland right now. Yes I’m tracking their flights, what of it? 😀 #catsonaplane

  • Went into Lisbon for some errands before tomorrow’s lockdown and wandered around the city for a bit

  • Happy New Year!

    I’m pretty excited about 2021. Moving to a new country (Portugal) for a fresh start, and I’ve got a few projects lined up that I’m looking forward to working on in the coming months.

    Stay safe, stay healthy everyone. ❤️

  • Another flight change, yay pandemic travel

  • Just did my first Apple Fitness+ workout (3 month free trial with my new Apple Watch) and the 20 min HIIT workout nearly killed me. Definitely much more intense than Ring Fit Adventure.

  • TIL I’ve been typing the wrong symbol for ‘degrees’ on my mac. Turns out º (Option-0) is the “Masculine Ordinal Indicator” whereas ° (Option-shift-8) is the correct degree symbol.

  • NYC’s New Digital Subway Map is a very cool reinterpretation

  • After 1.5 hours of messaging with Telstra Customer Support I finally got my prepaid SIM activated, and waiting several hours for the account to show up on the My Telstra app, I’ve finally managed to transfer it to an eSIM and have both that and my T-Mobile US service active 💪

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