• Good tips on how to de-Google-ize and some alternatives to their services. I use Fastmail for email and have been pretty happy with them

    Kira McLean - What I Use Now Instead Of Google

  • Our cats Merry and Pippin are just off the coast of Iceland right now. Yes I’m tracking their flights, what of it? 😀 #catsonaplane

  • Went into Lisbon for some errands before tomorrow’s lockdown and wandered around the city for a bit

  • Happy New Year!

    I’m pretty excited about 2021. Moving to a new country (Portugal) for a fresh start, and I’ve got a few projects lined up that I’m looking forward to working on in the coming months.

    Stay safe, stay healthy everyone. ❤️

  • Another flight change, yay pandemic travel

  • Just did my first Apple Fitness+ workout (3 month free trial with my new Apple Watch) and the 20 min HIIT workout nearly killed me. Definitely much more intense than Ring Fit Adventure.

  • TIL I’ve been typing the wrong symbol for ‘degrees’ on my mac. Turns out º (Option-0) is the “Masculine Ordinal Indicator” whereas ° (Option-shift-8) is the correct degree symbol.

  • NYC’s New Digital Subway Map is a very cool reinterpretation

  • After 1.5 hours of messaging with Telstra Customer Support I finally got my prepaid SIM activated, and waiting several hours for the account to show up on the My Telstra app, I’ve finally managed to transfer it to an eSIM and have both that and my T-Mobile US service active 💪

  • Day 4 of quarantine

  • Travelling in a pandemic

    “No long lines of people checking in, no bored kids running around and weary parents watching from the few available seats around the terminal, no passengers huddled in corners charging their phones or laptops”

    jpoh.me/blog/2020… BA3A3870-41A3-4542-9DA5-8CA522173E1D.jpg

  • Last night, through the window of the bus being taken to our hotel, you could see people out and about on a Friday night, without masks on. Pubs and restaurants were open, with people dining and drinking, indoors and outdoors. It’s startling to see how normal everything is

  • Moving day! Goodbye Mission District, Goodbye San Francisco. You’ve been swell but it’s time for a change. Last few days in an Airbnb then to Sydney for a few months, then to Lisbon if all goes well.

  • QANTAS, Australia’s flag carrier, had stopped flying int’l routes since March, leaving it to other airlines to bring Australians back home. This frivolous joyride is just another slap in the face to stranded Aussies trying to get home.

    Are they going to test all passengers prior to boarding? Will they be leaving the middle seats open and ensuring adequate spacing between passengers? Would be tragic if this became a superspreader event if someone onboard was a carrier and caused an outbreak.

    I’m already dreading the upcoming flights that I need to take to leave the US. I cannot imagine why anybody would willingly put themselves in that situation; on a flight to nowhere; while the pandemic is still ongoing. Granted, Australia is in a better position than the US, but the situation in Victoria has shown that things can still spiral out of control very quickly.


  • Everything is orange. Dolores Park in San Francisco

  • Cue surprise, as if nobody could have predicted this apple.news

  • Market St, San Francisco (looking towards Westfield) on Saturday afternoon. A little busier than expected with some people shopping (!!), a few of the regular buskers doing their thing, but strange seeing the roads empty like this with only the occasional bus and bicycles going by

  • US folks get all defensive about their MMM DD, YYYY date format, except for today when it becomes “4th of July”

  • A bit of colour

  • Had to hit them where it hurts before they’d do anything about it.

    Facebook will label rule violations as Coke, Pepsi, Starbucks join ad “pause” | Ars Technica

  • Wouldn’t have seen that one coming…

    Literally no one is profiting off of third-party delivery apps

  • Shut everything down. Now. Fine the non-essential businesses that flout the rules, and also people who are going outside without wearing masks.


  • Far too many people aren’t taking the lockdowns seriously, think COVID-19 is something that happens to others, and if they’re young and healthy, they’d just get over it in a few days.


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